Hey, I’m Jeremiah!

I started Quitwithnerd.com to help people quit their smoking addiction.

I know what it is like to be enslaved by nicotine and I want to help you break free from it.

I believe cigarettes are easy to kick when you know who and what you are dealing with.

Sometimes quitting can be as simple as shifting your mindset on how you perceive cigarettes.

Other times it can be as complicated as going through Nicotine Replacement Therapy and/or through medications.

It all depends on your understanding of nicotine.

I started Quit With Nerd to help smokers understand the truth and the lies of nicotine.

Quitting is easy when we understand our enemy.


I created this community to gather stories from all over the world to inspire you to quit smoking.

If you have a story worth telling or if you know of someone who has, please let me know here so we can share your story with the world.

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